With today's changing conditions, we are also doing our part in manufacturing due to the importance given to customer demands and we are trying to keep our factory modern. Our factory, the foundations of which were laid in the Çayboyu Organized Industrial Zone in the Kavakalidere District of Muğla Province, was built on a total area of ​​20,000 m2 using state-of-the-art machinery equipment. Our factory, which started its operations at the beginning of 2001, has determined a production policy for the market needs, taking into account the customer demands.



Continuity is essential for our industry. Our company, which aims to offer certain products and product groups to its customers for many years, on the condition of showing the necessary sensitivity to nature and people, makes all kinds of investments in this regard. In order to meet the increasing demands every day, stock production is made in line with the need that may arise, without reducing the production, without compromising on quality and technology.


Our Vision

Our company, which was founded in the early '88s and set out with the vision of becoming a world-class brand, has chosen a mission based on the happiness of its customers.


We Are Online With Our Renewed Site
18 April 2022

We Are Online With Our Renewed Site

We have started to renew our infrastructure in order to serve you better. Read More
We Are Working in Partnership With Sun
29 Nowember 2021

We Are Working in Partnership With Sun

We started to produce our electricity by designing our business with Solar Energy Panels. Read More

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